DeFi Farming Solution

1Token software DeFi solution manages portfolio and control risk for DeFi yield farmers for all mainstream DeFi LP pools, to provide transparency and prompt alert on complex structure, calculate exposure and automatically hedge impermanent loss
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DeFi Farming Solution

Full blockchain support

- ETH / BSC / HECO / OMNI / TRX (more can be added)

- Both single- or dual- coin LP pools like Compound, Uniswap, MDEX…

DEX + CEX mining unit view with real-time data

- DEX asset monitor and impermanent loss tracking / simulation on expected price

- DEX+CEX mining unit PnL and exposure tracking

- CEX (top 30 mainstream exchanges connected) trading risk control (e.g. leverage…)

Auto hedge trading to rebalance impermanent loss

- Backtest support to simulate best hedging strategy under various market conditions

- Customized exposure threshold and hedging ratio

- Smart algo order for large size hedging

Full blockchain support / DEX + CEX mining unit view with real-time data / Auto hedge trading to rebalance impermanent loss
Functional Modules
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